Web Poster:  Dealer Sales Data on the Internet —

The Web Poster (TWP) can automatically post a store's Dealers sales on the Internet so your Dealers can log in with their Dealer code and password (which the store controls), and view their sales.  The Dealer is then provided an opportunity to display their sales for any selected date range (the time span controlled by the store).  They could also print the sales display if they desire a hard copy.

The TWP service allows a store to significantly reduce the manpower required to answer Dealer inquiries about their recent sales performance and/or to print interim sales reports for them.  Also, most TWP clients charge a small monthly fee for this service, and because the data is on the Internet, it is available to the Dealers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all year long!

The store has complete control of the operation of TWP.  The participating Dealers are designated by the store, and the store controls their passwords.  The store also controls the schedule on which the sales are posted (e.g., which days of the week) and the amount of data posted (e.g., the past month, the past two months, etc.).  The actual posting can then be handled automatically by TWP, or the sales can be uploaded manually at any time.  All the store needs is an Internet connection.

The sales data is actually uploaded to and stored on RFCanon's web server.  Therefore, the store does not have to worry about website space requirements for the data or website security.  RFCanon provides both the hard disk space and security measures.  In fact, a store can provide the TWP service without having a website at all!  The Dealers navigate directly to your mall's site on our server and access their sales data.

A "messaging" system is incorporated into TWP that provides the store with a means to post a "general" message that can be read by all participating Dealers accessing your sales website.  Messages can also be posted for individual Dealers that only the targeted Dealer can access and read.

TWP costs $195.00 per store for the initial software license and web site setup.  Thereafter, the cost is only $49.95 per month.  If you charge for this service, you could reach a "break-even" point in less than three months with twenty-five Dealers paying only $5.00 per month for the service!!!  After the first three months you would net $75.05 per month.  You could charge more, reach break-even sooner and net more profit each month; it is up to you.  If your store is a really big mall, then the cash flow from the TWP would be a nice supplemental return for a small investment...

If you would like to see all of the features of TWP and learn how it works, you can download the TWP User's Manual/Help file.  Click here to download a ZIP archive containing the file.

You can also experience the Dealer side of TWP by visiting our demonstration site at Yourmall.Webposter.net.  To access the demo data use the following information to log into the site:  Dealer Code = A003 (capitol A + zero + zero + three), and Password = DEMO.  Also, please be advised that the current data on the site consists of sales transactions dated from 04/16/2019 through 06/05/2019.  Therefore, you may not be able to retrieve data by selecting the automatic date ranges provided in the right hand panel of the date range entry form.  Please enjoy...