Upgrading to the Latest Software Version is FREE!

Upgrades to the latest production release of the VMM software are provided free of charge to all VMM users with an account in good standing by way of this web site.  The latest copy of the software is posted here as soon as it is compiled and tested.  These upgrade releases contain both the latest enhancements that have been made to the software and "bug" fixes to handle any malfunction in the software that has been reported.  Below you will find a listing of the program changes that are associated with each build.

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to receive automatic notifications of major VMM updates as soon as they are released.  Simply click on the RSS icon here [] or at the right end of the site navigation menu above and follow the instructions.

To check your program build status, simply go into the VMM Help menu, and select "About Visual Mall Manager".  At the top of the form, you will note the Version number and the Build Date for your copy of the program.  Simply compare the Build Date for your program to the latest production release Build Date listed below.  If your program has an older Build Date, then you need to download and install the latest software version.  (We have prepared a detailed set of instructions for downloading and installing the latest VMM upgrade:   Upgrade Instructions.) 

The latest production release is VMM Version 2.27, Build Date 04/25/20.  To upgrade to this version, simply download the self-extracting upgrade archive, VMMupdte.exe, and save it to a convenient location on your computer's hard disk; for example, "C:\Temp" or "C:\Downloads".  After the download, "run" the downloaded file to extract the upgrade files to your VMM folder.

Note:  Windows® 8, 8.1 and 10 users:  be sure to run the VMMupdte.exe application as "Administrator" following the download.

You should have a high-speed Internet connection to download the upgrade program, because the file size of the download is slightly over twenty-eight megabytes in size.  Click here to download the latest build.  Please note that all updates contain the latest copy of the VMM User's Manual/Help file.

If you do not have high-speed Internet, a CD-ROM containing the latest VMM build is available from RFCanon, Inc. for $25.00 including shipping and handling.  Simply contact our office at (830) 981-5131 to place your order.

Build 04/25/20:
  • A minor change has been made to the VMM.exe software "launching" application to improve the networking flexability of the VMM software on Windows 10 platforms.

  • Read the following upgrade topics to see the major enhancements and added features in the VMM software system.
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Build 03/14/20:
  • We have added several new features to the VMM Customer system.  It is now possible to mask a Customer's Tax ID when printed on a Sales Receipt on the Customer Maintenance form.  The results would appear as 74-XXXXXX0-8.  However, the full Tax ID can also be printed. VMM will now track Customer Year-to-Date purchases with both Total purchases and Total Non-Taxable purchases.  We have added a selection on the Admin menu to reset these values to zero, and an option to reset the values for any desired year.

  • A very unusual problem was found in the the Display Dealer Sales module that was isolated to one sales transaction for only one Dealer in a VMM Client's database that caused the item to not appear on the form, but the print-out of the results contained the missing item.  We have re-coded the form to handle this behaviour; so both the display and report capture the problem transaction.

  • NOTE:  We strongly urge you to be sure to download and carefully follow each recommended step in the VMM Upgrade Instructions PDF document via the link at the end of third paragraph at the top of this page.  The final step of "Re-index ALL data" will insure your VMM data is properly updated.
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Build 03/04/19:
  • We have made additional fixes on the VMM Lay-a-Way (LAW) system to insure Dealers are paid exactly the amount of the original LAW sale is paid out when the initial deposit and all subsequent payments are made to close the LAW. 

  • The Period Sales Summary has also received additional fixes related to totals for G/C sales and redemptions and Lay-a-Way sales and payments to insure proper accounting.

  • NOTE:  We strongly urge you to be sure to download and carefully follow each recommended step in the VMM Upgrade Instructions PDF document via the link at the end of third paragraph at the top of this page.  The final step of "Re-index ALL data" will insure your VMM data is properly updated.
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Build 12/04/18:
  • A new feature has been added to provide short notes associated with any Dealer to appear below the Dealer's name on the VMM Sale Register form.  Two lines of about 60 characters each can be entered on the Notes tab of the VMM Dealer Maintenance form.  Several requests from VMM Clients have resulted in the incorporation of new feature.  We hope you will find it beneficial.

  • Another minor fix has been incorporated in Gift Certificate sales and redemptions in the Period Sales Report.  Correct reporting now handles deleted Gift Certificates properly in this build.

  • NOTE:  If you have not performed an upgrade recently, be sure to download and carefully follow each recommended step in the VMM Upgrade Instructions PDF document via the link at the end of third paragraph at the top of this page.
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Build 09/24/18:
  • A "bug"in the Lay-a-Way sales module made it impossible to sell a tax exempt Lay-a-Way to a Customer that had a Re-Sale number on file.  This issue has been corrected in this VMM build.

  • A problem was found in the reporting of Gift Certificate sales and redemptions in the Period Sales Report.  This issue has been corrected in this VMM build.

  • NOTE:  If you have not performed an upgrade recently, be sure to download and carefully follow each recommended step in the VMM Upgrade Instructions PDF document via the link at the end of third paragraph at the top of this page.
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Build 04/17/18:
  • A minor bug in the Lay-a-Way setup module caused an occasional miss-calculation of the payment when the LAW setup returned the payment value to the Payment Entry form.  This issue has been corrected in this VMM build.  We strongly urge all clients using the Lay-a-Way option to upgrade their latest version.

  • NOTE:  If you have not performed an upgrade recently, be sure to download and carefully follow each recommended step in the VMM Upgrade Instructions PDF document via the link at the end of third paragraph at the top of this page.
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Build 02/21/18:
  • A VMM The Period Sales Summary was not properly displaying Store Discount amounts.  The Period Sales Summary has been modified to properly handled any Store Discounts during the selected date range.

  • Two problems with the Lay-a-Way payment module have been fixed.  The last payment due on a Lay-a-Way was not always being credited to the Dealer(s) properly.  Also, Lay-a-Way payment distribution to the Dealer(s) and sales tax figures were not being properly handled if the Lay-a-Way included any non-taxable items along with VMM software to this taxable items.  Both of these issues have been corrected in this VMM build.  We strongly urge all clients using the Lay-a-Way option to upgrade their latest version.

  • NOTE:  If you have not performed an upgrade recently, be sure to download and carefully follow each recommended step in the VMM Upgrade Instructions PDF document via the link at the end of third paragraph at the top of this page.
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Build 09/26/17:
  • A VMM Client pointed out that the Period Sales Summary was not including Dealer A/R payments in the Total Receipts figures.  The Period Sales Summary has been modified to include the Dealer A/R Payment figures in the totals.

  • A problem was discovered in the new Re-index ALL Data procedure that would only occur in rare combinations of data file relationships.  This problem is fixed in this VMM build.
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Build 08/06/17:
  • We have made adjustments to the receipt printing procedures in the VMM Sales Register and Invoice Search modules to solve excessive paper feeds that have been reported with some 40-column receipt printers.

  • Due to the recent major file structure changes, be sure to follow the latest VMM Upgrade Instructions when performing this latest upgrade.  Click here to download the PDF document.
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Build 06/27/17:
  • The 05/08/17 Build contained a “bug” that prevented a change to the initial payment amount for a new Lay-a-Way.  This problem has been fixed in this latest build.

  • A new report has been added to the Accounts Receivable system.  The Charge/Credit posting activity can now be printed for any desired posting date.
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Build 05/08/17:
  • The Lay-a-Way setup form has been further re-worked to improve the handling of default payment computations and the editing of default payment amounts and due dates.  A problem with the default first payment date has also been fixed.

  • A “bug” has been fixed in the unoccupied booth search operation in the booth “Add” procedure in the Dealer Maintenance form.  The booth lookup command now works correctly.

  • Both the VMM data file Backup and Restore procedures have been significantly enhanced to permit the designation of both the destination drive and folder for backups, and a date/time stamp is automatically appended to the backup ZIP archive name to create unique backup names.  The new archive names will permit the storage of multiple backup files in one location without overwriting existing backup files.  The date/time inclusion in the backup file name will also improve identification of specific backups when the restoration of data is necessary.

  • We urge you to download and closely follow the latest VMM Upgrade Instructions when performing this latest upgrade. Click here to download the PDF document.
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Build 03/31/17:
  • The Sales Register form has beem modified to not permit the saving of an Invoice when a partially completed line item is in progress.

  • A "bug" has been fixed that deducted sales tax on Lay-a-Way payments made on a non-taxable Lay-a-Way following the initial deposit.

  • An issue was discovered in the initial Lay-a-Way setup with the new extended Lay-a-Way form.  Modification to the default payment amounts and default dates were not handled properly.  This problem has been fixed.  Any of the default values can now be changed.

  • Rent and deposit figures were not updating properly on the Financial tab of the Dealer Maintenance form in the more recent VMM Builds.  The figures are now correct.

  • Fixed a "bug" in the Cash Drawer open program that created an error condition when the <Alt>+<F12> key combination was used.

  • The Period Sales Summary form has been modified to remove all rounding errors from the Total Sales Tax figure for any given date range.  The Total Sales Tax figure is now taken directly from the sales tax amounts collected on every invoice in the selected date range.  So the figure presented is accurate to the penny for the amount of sales tax collected for the date range entered.
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Build 01/21/17:
  • A new problem has been discovered in the VMM system that fortunately will not affect very many systems.  Specifically, a rounding error has been discovered in the handling of Sales Tax payments which are made to the Dealers that handle and report the sales taxes on their sales.  If you have any Dealers that are set up to "Pay their own sales taxes" then this update should be applied to your VMM software system.

  • If you do want or need to apply this latest update, and you have not as yet applied either the 12/03/16 or 12/22/16 builds, then it is imperative that you follow the detailed instructions provided in the 12/03/16 build information below when applying this update unless your software was a new installaton of the VMM v2.25 Build 12/22/16.

  • If you have any questions about either or the prior two builds or this one, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department with your questions.  Email communications are preferred.
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Build 12/22/16:
  • A major problem has been discovered with the previous update that re-sized many of the VMM data tables.  Specifically, in-progress sales that were "saved" and later "recalled" for completion in the Sales Register form were not handled correctly.  This resulted in those Dealer sales not appearing on Dealer sales reports.  The saved/re-called sales were logged in the sales transactions table, and reported correctly on the Daily Sales reports, but they did not appear on the Dealers' Sales Statements.  The problem has been corrected with this latest build of VMM.  All sales that appeared to be "missing" will now appear on all Dealer reports and statements.  Nothing will have to be re-entered into the system.  Also, please note that this problem only applied to saved and recalled invoices; regular sales invoices were not affected.  Therefore, if you do not use the "save" and "re-call" feature in the Sales Register form, then your sales have not been affected by this problem.

  • Follow the same steps as the 12/03/16 build given below.  Be certain to perform the mandatory re-index immediately following the update proceedure.  The good news is that if you have already performed the 12/03/16 upgrade, the re-inex procedure following this upgrade will not be as long as the one for the 12/03/16 upgrade.

  • If you have already upgraded to the 12/03/16 build, be sure to install this build before your next Period Close!  Otherwise your Dealer Sales Statements and their settlement checks will not be correct!

  • If you have any questions about either the 12/03/16 build or this build, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department with your questions.  Email communications would be preferred.
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Build 12/03/16:
  • This latest build contains a major change to the VMM data file structure to insure no data file has a size limit that is too small.  Therefore, this update needs to be performed in a rigid sequence to insure a proper update.  Please be sure to perform each of the following procedures in the order listed:

    1. Make a backup of your current VMM data files.  NO errors should occur during this procedure.  If the VMM backup procedure does not work properly, it is your responsibility to make a good backup of your VMM data files using an alternate method.  DO NOT skip this step!  Instructions for making a "manual" backup of the VMM data files can be found in the "How do I..." section of the VMM User's Manual/Help file.

    2. Perform a Re-Index of ALL Data.  If this re-index does not complete properly without any errors, DO NOT proceed with this update!  Your data file problems must be fixed before you can safely apply the 12/03/16 Build update.  Call RFCanon, Inc. if you need assistance with this operation.  If necessary, you can restore the VMM data file backup created in the previous step.  Instructions for performing a "manual" restore of the data files can be found in the "How do I..." section of the VMM User's Manual/Help file.

    3. Download and run the VMMupdte.exe self-extracting archive.  After extracting the update files, run the VMM program to preform the actual upgrade.  (You can download the upgrade instructions here.)  If the upgrade does not complete without any errors, DO NOT run the update a second time!  Check the "How do I..." section of the VMM User's Manual/Help file for a topic with instructions for reversing and recovering from a failed update procedure.

    4. It is imperative that the VMM data files be re-indexed immediately following the update procedure!  Failure to perform the Re-index could lead to unpredictable effects on all future data entry into the software system.  You may also experience incorrect reporting of Dealer sales data on reports and Dealer Sales Statements!

  • Due to the major changes in the VMM data files during this update, the first re-index following the update (Step 4 above) will take a VERY LONG time depending on the size of your data tables and the speed of your computer system, because every record in most of your files will be modified during this first re-index.  The exact duration cannot be forecast, but testing of this build on data files from several large backups have taken over one hour to complete.  Future re-index procedures will not take such a long time; once this initial conversion has been accomplished, future re-index procedures will take about the same amount of time as previous re-index procedures.
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Build 11/26/16:
  • A few clients have reported that the Daily Sales report prints a blank page when no checks are in the payments check register.  We have made a program change in this build that insures this will not happen on any VMM system.

  • For clients using "40-column" receipt printers with "cut-off" mechanisms, the cut-off mechanism can be activated when the Sales Register form is active by holding down the <Alt> key and pressing the <F11> function key.  As a reminder, an automatic cash drawer that is attached to a receipt printer can be opened when the Sales Register form is active by holding down the <Alt> key and pressing the <F12> function key.
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Build 10/04/16:
  • The primary key length for the A/R transactions file has been increased to significantly expand the capacity of the A/R charges and payments file.  If your system has a large number of A/R transactions, it is important that you install this upgrade and re-index your data files after the upgrade has been installed.  Be sure to backup your VMM data files prior to the re-index!
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Build 07/29/16:
  • A limitation has been removed on the size of the Dealer Check Register table that resulted in problems for clients who choose not to purge their sales data after many years of operation.  A virtually unlimited number of check records can now be retained in the table without problems.

  • The ability to enter a negative Lay-a-Way has been discovered, but negative Lay-a-Ways were never intended to be possible because they are meaningless.  A Lay-a-Way should be cancelled if it was made in error or not paid for and claimed by the Customer.  Therefore, we have eliminated the ability to post a negative Lay-a-Way.

  • A functional problem was discovered with the editing of commission table entries on Dealer accounts that could cause an error condition depending on the key stroke sequence involve in making the edit. 
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Build 05/30/16:
  • A major enhancement has been made to the Lay-a-Way system!  Lay-a-Way setup has been enhanced to provide default payment intervals of Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly.  The number of payments that can be scheduled can now be from two to twenty-six, and the start date for the first payment in the schedule can be specified.  You can read about the changes in the latest VMM User's Manual/Help file.

  • An intermittent problem that has eluded detection for several years in the printing of long sales receipts in the "Full Page" mode has finally been identified and corrected.  Full page receipts can now spand an unlimited number of pages without problems.
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Build 12/19/15:
  • A modification has been made to the VMM "Reset YTD Paid Amounts" form to permit the entry of the current calendar year into the "Year checks printed" field to allow the updating of all Dealer's Year-to-Date paid amounts for the current year.  All Dealer checks for the current year must still be present in the Dealers' check register table for this update to function properly.

  • An enhancement has been made to the VMM Sales Register to ensure a partially entered sale is not lost if an attempt is made to activate the "Sale Finished" operation is attempted.  Previously, the "F9 Sale Finished" button could be activated in the middle of a sale entry operation.
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Build 11/27/15:
  • This release of the VMM upgrade program has been tested to work with Windows® 10 Professional.  We plan to conduct testion on the Home version shortly, but we do not expect any problems with that version except for potential networking issues.  Windows® 10 Home should work fine for single user systems.

  • We have also completed revisions to the program to permit more flexible networking configurations that will make networking Windows® 7, 8 and 10 systems easier to accomplish.  Detailed instruction for networking these later versions of Windows® is being prepared and will be released in a VMM User's Manual/Help file shortly.
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Build 06/15/15:
  • The Dealer Maintenance form had a "bug" that resulted in an erroneous figure being computed and displayed for the Total Rent field on the Financial Info tab depending on the navigation path taken to display the tab.  Changes have been made in the form to insure that the proper Total Rent figure is displayed on this tab regardless of the navigation path taken to display the tab.

  • A problem that was fixed several years ago seems to have re-appeared.  Printing really long sales receipts on a letter size, full page results in only the first page being printed.  All information on subsequent pages was not printed including the summary information such as sub-total, sales tax, grand total and form(s) of payment.  This problem has been fixed again, and the fix is in this new build.  One note:  if you have experienced this problem, the complete original sales invoice can be re-printed via the Utilities menu, Search Utilities, Invoice navigation sequence.
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Build 05/07/15:
  • A VMM client recently reported that the Sold Inventory Report was not properly handling the "Selected Item Code" filter.  We were surprised because that problem had never before been reported.  It has now been corrected.  Both the Selected Account Range and Select Item code range now work as they should in this latest build.
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Build 04/19/15:
  • For clients using either of the VMM email options, this update should be mandatory!  We discovered that our email server had started rejecting some transmissions from the VMM program over the last month.  This action seems to have been triggered by two aspects of our email program:  The emails were being sent too fast, and one of the email headers was worded incorrectly.  Therefore, the SMTP server was treating VMM as a "spammer".  The header wording has been fixed, and we have placed a small delay between transmission of the individual messages to correct the problem.

  • At least one VMM client has experienced a problem with loss of receipt printer configuration parameters while in the Sales Register form.  This seems to have been related to the opening and closing of some other form while keeping the Sales Register form open.  We have modified the Sales Register form to insure the correct printer parameters are present whenever a receipt is printer.
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Build 02/14/15:
  • A “bug” was discovered in the Reset YTD Paid Amounts when the option to “rebuild” these figures was selected.  The “reset” operation has been modified to work correctly.

  • The Receipt Printer Configuration form has been modified to simplify the entry of control codes.  The decimal control code values can now be entered as individual numbers separated by commas.  VMM will convert the number string to the properly formatted CHR() string.

  • The Serial Number Edit form has been modified so that the initial information can be recalled if a problem develops while trying to edit the serialization information for a live system.  If an invalid serial number warning is activated when the form is being closed, the operator can return to the edit mode, and “Revert” the values in the form to the original, valid information from the initial activation of the form.
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Build 12/26/14:
  • We have added a “Print YTD Paid Reports” module that is available for VMM systems that have the Dealer Checks/1099 Option.  These reports provide a single page report for each Dealer (selected range optional) that has received a settlement check during the active calendar/tax year.  It is intended as an optional service in lieu of printing the actual IRS 1099-MISC forms.  It has to be run following the printing of the last checks for the year and prior to the resetting of the Year-to-Date paid figures for all Dealers.

  • A feature that was present in our “retired” The Mall Manager (TMM) software product for MS-DOS systems that was inadvertently omitted from VMM has been added to VMM:   the sold items count is now shown in the summary information on Dealer Sales Statements.

  • A “fix” has been made to the Email Dealers’ Sales Statements and Email Dealers’ A/R Statements to avoid printing and emailing “blank” statements to Dealers with no information in the report.
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Build 11/18/14:
  • VMM systems with the Accounts Receivable, A/R, option have not been properly handling the A/R balance for purposes of Dealer Sales Statements and Period Close operations.  Specifically, VMM did not take the due date for A/R transactions into account when determining the A/R balance for the ending date of the accounting period.  This "bug" has been fixed in this build of VMM.

  • Changes have been made in the "Post Dealer Payments" and "Enter Charges/Credits" forms for the Accounts Receivable, A/R, system, and to the "Dealer Maintenance" form to insure the "selected" Dealer from the "List" tab remains the active Dealer for all operations conducted in the form until a different Dealer is selected on the "List" tab.  These changes were made because the active Dealer was changing in an intermittent and irregular manner during payment and charge posting in the two A/R forms and during Dealer edits in the Dealer Maintenance form.
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Build 08/10/14:
  • The Lay-a-Way payment modifications we made in VMM that was in the 07/26/14 Build created a problem when the payment amount exceeded a single payment.  For example, if the Customer wanted to make the final two payments on a Lay-a-Way at the same time, VMM only credited the Dealer(s) with a single payment.  This problem has been fixed in the current build.

  • We also found a problem with the initial sale of a Lay-a-Way with a large number of items on the invoice.  It was possible for a rare rounding error to prevent the Lay-a-Way sale from being completed.  Program code has been added to compensate for the rounding error to permit the Lay-a-Way sale from being completed and recorded correctly.
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Build 07/26/14:
  • A "bug" was found in the final payment made on a Law-a-Way.  The problem has been corrected in this build, and extensive testing has been carried out in an attempt to insure this VMM release contains no additional problems in the Lay-a-Payment form.

  • We have added a workstataion printer check to forms that have the ability to print receipts.  If a receipt printer has not been assigned to the computer accessing the form, a warning message is displayed to alert the operator to the fact that the workstation configuration module needs to be run prior to the printing of any sales or payment receipts.
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Build 07/14/14:
  • A "bug" in the Lay-a-Way Payment form has been fixed that changed the active Lay-a-Way following the initial payment application.  This caused a problem with any "Re-Print" of the Lay-a-Way receipt.  The active Lay-a-Way now remains in place and the receipt Re-Print now works correctly.

  • We have reworked the Lay-a-Way payment receipt to add the number of the current payment receipt to the receipt in addition to the Lay-a-Way number that the payment was applied towards.

  • The Utilities Search function for Invoice numbers has also been changed to include Lay-a-Way payment receipts in the items that may be searched.

  • Problems have also been reported with the use of the Utilities Search function for "Sold" items.  The Sold Items search form has been re-worked to function as intended.  Specifically, it will now search all Dealers for the desired sold item, if the Dealer code field is left blank.  Searching for sold items for individual Dealers also works correctly.  Remember to enter a sold price to obtain proper search results.
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Build 06/13/14:
  • A math "bug" has been fixed in the full-page Lay-a-Way print function associated with the Utilities→Search Utilities→Invoice form.  This math error was only associated with items that had discounts associated with the line item.  Line items on the Lay-a-Way with no discounts were printed correctly.

  • We have made some minor changes to a few of the data tables in preparation for selected field testing (i.e., "beta" testing) of a new option that we plan to add to VMM before the end of 2014.  Specifically, we are in the process of developing a charge card processing interface to the VMM Sales Register.  We will have more information on this new option later this year.  If you think your store would be interested in such an option, please send an email to our Sales Department.
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Build 05/26/14:
  • You should consider this update mandatory if you are using either the Email Dealer Sales Statements or the Email Dealer A/R Statements options, because changes to our email server system have been necessary following the recent web server crash and reload of all accounts on the server including this web site, VisualMallManager.com.  This update should correct any problems you may have had with the VMM email system.

  • The omission of any Store Discounts amount has been fixed in the Summary Daily Sales report.  Now if the Daily Sales report is printed without the Sales Item Detail, the Cash Analysis Summary will include any Store Discounts given on the specific report date.
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Build 03/01/14:
  • The Dealer check register can now be exported to a file in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet format.  The desired check print date is selected and the exported file name is entered.  The default file name is "VMMChkRegYYYYMMDD.xls" where YYYYMMDD is the year, month and day for the selected check register.  The file is placed in the VMM folder by default, but any location and file name can be specified by the operator.  The Excel file can be imported into most accounting system software products such as QuckBooks® to insure accurate records.

  • A new feature has been added to the Accounts Receivable system.  It is now possible to print a summary report of A/R transactions for any desired date range.  The report contains a summary line for each Dealer with the Dealer code, Dealer's name, total current monthly rent, and total charges, rents and payments posted during the selected date range.

  • A detailed explanation of the steps required to download and install these VMM upgrade packages has been added to the VMM User's Manual/Help file. This new topic is located in the "How do I..." section at the end of the file, and it is entitled "Run the VMM update program". There is a "link" to the topic in the second paragraph on the first page of the User's Manaul. The topic contains screen capture images for all steps of the process and provides detailed guideance for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers and their operating systems. (Click here to download the instructions in a PDF format.)
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Build 01/04/14:
  • A "bug" was found in the printing of full page Law-a-Way receipts when "Operator Tracking" was turned ON.  The problem has been corrected in this build.

  • An extensive audit and rework has been completed on the context sensitive VMM User's Manual/Help file to insure that the proper topic is displayed when the <F1> key is pressed while any form is active in the VMM system.  The new User's Manual/Help file is installed as part of this upgrade.
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Build 01/01/14:
  • A problem has been fixed in the emailing of Dealer Sales Statements and A/R Balance Forward Statements.  An unscheduled update to the RFCanon web server software resulted in emails being rejected for transmission.  The cause of the problem has been identified and corrected.  Emails to Dealers from these two modules works in this latest build.

  • An "Export Check Register" module has been added to the Dealer Activities menu.  Any check print date can be selected for export, and the location and name of the file to receive the exported data can be entered.  The check register is exported in Excel XLS format.  This new feature will allow the importing of Dealer check details into external accounting software such as Quick Books.
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Build 12/01/13:
  • A problem was fixed in the printing of the Lay-a-Way payment receipt for the last payment on a Lay-a-Way.  Before the problem was fixed, the last payment receipt actually contained information for a totally different Lay-a-Way.  The receipt now prints properly.

  • A addition of a new booth to a Dealer's file in the Dealer's Maintenance form did not always properly record the deposit and rent information when the information for the added booth was saved.  The program module has been fixed so that the information is saved correctly.
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Build 09/16/13:
  • A bad index definition in the Sales History table has been discovered that causes the apparent loss of period close data on some VMM systems.  All of the data is actually in the table, but the index had to be modified to insure that it was accessible for the Sales History report.  The Sales History report now functions correctly.

  • A new feature has been added to the VMM Inventory system to significantly improve the taking of a physical inventory count when bar codes are being used.  Specifically, the new "Scan Inventory Levels" selection on the Inventory menu permits the rapid, sequential scanning of inventory items for updating the physical quantities on hand.  Complete details on the operation of this module can be found in the VMM User's Manual/Help file.
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Build 05/07/13:
  • A math error was reported in the new Print Daily A/R Payments report that was added to VMM two months ago.  When change was given as part of the payment, we inadvertently added the change to the amount tendered.  We sincerely hope that this error did not cause problems for any of you.  The math has been corrected, and the accuracy of the report has been well tested in this current build.
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Build 04/20/13:
  • A false "alert" message was appearing on Dealer Sales Statements about monies owed to the store when that was not the case.  This message was due to an incorrect math routine in a support library that controls message flags.  The appearance of the false message has been corrected in this build.
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Build 04/07/13:
  • Another problem has been found with the "Save Invoice" procedure on the Sales Register form.  This problem seems to be only associated with networked sites having a mix of Windows® operating systems (e.g., XP, Vista, 7, etc.).   The problem has been corrected in this new build.  We do encourage all VMM users to download and install this new update even if you don't operate a multi-user system, or have a variety of operating systems.
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Build 03/31/13:
  • The storage capacity of the VMM Sales History file has been expanded by a factor of 1,000 to hold more than 99 million records.  We are confident that no one will exceed that limit using the current software even if they never purge their data files.

  • We have corrected a "bug" in the automatic handling of Dealer Accounts Receivable transactions.  The Period Close process was adding credit A/R balances back into the Dealer Sales figures which was never intended to happen.  The transfer between sales and A/R is intended only to apply positive net Dealer Sales amounts to outstanding A/R balances.  The Period Close process has been corrected to only apply positive net income to open A/R balances if that optional behavior has been selected in the System Settings tab of the Company Information form.  (Be sure to check the System Settings options to be sure VMM handles negative Period Sales totals the way your business desires to operate.)
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Build 03/02/13:
  • A math error has been fixed in Dealer Period Sales statements for the case where rents are charged Dealers, rent is deducted from Dealer sales, and a Dealer has a resultant negative net income.  The problem has been corrected in this build.

  • An option has been added to the Reporting Criteria for the Dealer Listing form that permits the listing of ONLY Inactive Dealers.  So, now the listing can be run for Active Dealers, Inactive Dealers or ALL Dealers.

  • A new report has been added to the Accounts Receivable menu:  Print Daily A/R Payments Report.  This report presents a one-line list of all Dealer payments for any selected date.  Each line contains the Dealer code, Dealer name, payment amount and form of payment (i.e., cash, check or charge).  At the end of the report a summary is provided that list the total cash, check and charge payments.
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Build 01/27/13:
  • A functional "bug" has been fixed in the Sales Register form that prevented the edit of line items on a re-called Sales Invoice that had been "saved".
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Build 12/20/12:
  • This update represents the culmination of the migration of VMM from Version 1 to Version 2.  The latest software contains two new options that are intended to offer further enhancements to the functionality of the software system and provide the opportunity for some stores to archive a significant reduction in their costs associated with the printing and mailing of statements to Dealers.  VMM can now print Dealer statements in PDF format and email those statements to Dealers as an attachment to email messages from the store.  One option is available for Period Sales Statements and a second option is available for Balance Forward A/R Statements (the Dealer A/R system must be activated for this second option to be available).  We estimate that these options can both save a minimum of 75¢ per Dealer statement from postage, supplies and labor savings.  The printing and emailing of the statements is accomplished entirely by VMM in one simple process; the store does not even have to have an email account.  The email messages that accompany the statements can be edited and tailored to the wording desired by the individual store.  (Please Note: If you have no interest in these new options, upgrading to this latest version of VMM will have absolutely no impact on the functionality of your software.  The only difference you will notice is additional menu items that are not enabled.)

  • The major upgrade to VMM Help file has been completed to include coverage of these two new options.  The latest help file revision is included in this update or it can be downloaded via the VMM Features page on this web site.

  • The application of a Gift Certificate to a Sales invoice (i.e., G/C Redemption) has been modified to insure the correct G/C is applied to the invoice.  Also, the accidental selection of a closed G/C has been blocked.

  • A further rework has been required to completely fix the Sold Inventory Report that we thought was fixed in our last update.  The report should now work properly for any selection criteria that is entered the report selection criteria form.

  • A "bug" has been corrected in the Sales Invoice Save/Recall routine that resulted in an occasional error due to a problem with the saved invoice data table when a saved invoice was not recalled on the same day it was saved.

  • For our VMM users that are also using the Web Poster™, we are announcing a totally new Version 4 of the TWP software with improved transmission capabilities.  If you would like to upgrade your current version of TWP to this latest release please contact our sales office.  There is no charge for this upgrade if it is downloaded from the Internet.
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Build 09/07/12:
  • This release is a major upgrade to the VMM software system!  Probably the most notable new feature is the ability to re-size and re-position virtually any form in the program.  Even the Sales Register form can be moved to any desired position on the screen and re-sized to provide the desired level of resolution.  Also, if the Security System is being used (i.e., it is activated), the changes to the various forms are saved for each individual operator.

  • To assist with the use of the new features added to VMM, the VMM Help system has undergone a major re-write and update.  For example, there are new options for handling Dealers' negative net incomes, and Dealers' Rents that are explained in the Help file.  You should review both the Company Information/System Settings, and Dealer Maintenance topics in the Help file before conducting any End-of-Period activities with VMM.

  • A system wide information search can now be made for specific Inventory Items.  This feature is intended to help Operators assist Customers who may be trying to find a "blue vase" somewhere in the store for example.  This new form is available both in the Sales Register and on the Inventory Menu.  It's use is explained in the VMM User's Manual/Help file.

  • A new Balance Forward Statement has been added to the Dealer Accounts Receivable system.

  • A "bug" has been fixed in the Sold Inventory Report so that only Items actually sold during the selected reporting date range are included in the report.

  • It is now possible for the business to optionally avoid printing Period Settlement checks for individual Dealers. This option has been included in VMM to allow stores that sell their own merchandise by using Dealer accounts can avoid the printing of checks for payments to the store. This option is particularly important for stores that may stock and sell through several different Dealer accounts. The net income values are still reported via the Dealer Sales Statements, the Display Dealer Sales form and the Sales History report, but they do not appear in an individual Dealer’s financial details when checks are not printed for the Dealer.
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Build 04/27/12:
  • A functional "bug" has been fixed in the Lay-a-Way payment form to prevent an error condition when the last payment is made on the only active Lay-a-Way in the system.

  • The Lay-a-Way receipt print routine was re-worked to insure a receipt is printed even if the workstation receipt printer setup procedure has not been performed.
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Build 03/04/12:
  • A functional "bug" has been fixed in the new Inventory Search form that prevented the results grid from scrolling if more items were found that could be displayed in the visible rows of the grid.
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Build 02/21/12:
  • The VMM Security System has been expanded to allow access control for virtually all forms and operations within the VMM system.

  • A display "bug" has been fixed in the Display Dealer Sales form to correct its cosmetic appearance.  No functional problems were associated with this fix.

  • A feature has been added to the Inventory option that permits searching the entire store for specific inventory items.   For example, a search can be made through the inventory of all Dealers to see if a "blue vase" is available to potentially satisfy a Customer's request.  The search can be made from the Sales Register by pressing <Alt>+< F5> or by clicking the button at the bottom of the Sales Register form, or the Item Search form is also available via the Inventory Menu.
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